Pancious Group proudly presents PANCIOUS.

In passion of taking everyone to have a great culinary journey, Pancious brings a concept of casual dining restaurant dedicated to serve the best food and excellent dining experience to every customers.

After more than 8 years in the market, Pancious still continues being relevant and fresh to their current customers who are constantly facing new choices in the market.

As years passed, Pancious is becoming maturer and commits to present the new age with a whole new appearance and ambience to its' customers. The new logo of Pancious represents everything that Pancious had done and what will be continued to applied.

The handwritten word of 'pancious' represent our original recipes which are made from scratch. The free flow which creatively swirls into distinctive P - the signature letter of Pancious - also represents that final touch given to the presentation of food served to our customers. As for red & black symbolize the passion we have for our food & the boldness in constant effort to creating new menus.

Thus, market place is the new concept of Pancious. It was created to let Pancious be the place to meet people, exchange ideas and excitement of senses. With the details of feature wall, wallgraphic, and market place visual styling elements on every corner of the outlets, market place ambience is infused to the new Pancious.

With these efforts to give the best, Pancious will continue to grow as a strong brand and expand its' presence in cities locally, and eventually abroad.

Pancious outdo and challenge ourselves by give new warmth, freshness, and dreams close to perfection.